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{and then we started adventuring}

When asked about our honeymoon and how we planned to spend it, we answered that we weren’t sure where all we’d end up- that’s what happens when two lovers of adventure get married. 😉

Rather than plan a formal honeymoon, aside from one specific place we wanted to go to on our wedding day, we wanted to just play it by ear and see where all we’d end up. We also wanted the flexibility of going nowhere and doing nothing if that’s what we felt like that day. While our time is somewhat flexible right now while waiting on the finishing of Daniel’s immigration paperwork, we have a rather unique opportunity to structure our time how we like, and leave at the drop of a hat if we so desire.

We’ve been taking full advantage of that, haha! 😀

When we left my parent’s home after getting married, we came home and changed into more suitable clothes to climb the many stairs to the top of Vulcan! We’d made plans for months about going up to Vulcan to watch the sunset after our wedding…. the view is incredible, and sunsets and sunrises have been a favorite shared love for both of us. We couldn’t imagine a better place to go that day.

It was surreal, driving up there with just us, and being able to rejoice in the fact that we were married! I don’t think we hardly quit holding hands and stealing kisses the whole time we were there. 🙂

And looking down and seeing the wedding bands on our fingers made me catch my breath…. <3

God is just so good, y’all. I can’t even tell you how good it was just to be standing on the platform holding the hand of my best friend, whom I was now married to. Some things are just felt too much to be able to explain them in words. <3

We watched the sunset from high atop Red Mountain on Vulcan. It was magical- simply magical. We stayed nearly until closing just taking in the sight and enjoying the wonders of God’s creation through the sunset. It was perfect.  Afterwards, we grabbed a milkshake and headed back home to start settling into life in our little home in the valley.

It was time to start figuring out what we liked to eat…

How long it would take to walk to the local convenience store and post office….

And to figure out what we were going to do about the car situation, since the truck decided to go kaput the night before we got married. 🙂 It was also time to start researching what sort of tools Daniel would need to start purchasing to replace the ones he sold in Australia, as we wanted to build a chicken coop and furniture for the house. That meant hanging out at the Home Depot…

A lot. 😀

We also stocked the freezer with the basics. Which is basically ice cream. Y’all already know we have a history with that….. 😉

Daniel found a listing for a Ford explorer on Facebook that looked interesting, so we went to check it out. We both loved the car, and decided that she was going to be the latest addition to our car family.

Her name is “Macy”. 😀

Macy came in very handy a bit later that week, when we found the couches for our living room.

A day or so after we got the couches, we started discussing about how fun it would be to take Macy out on a road trip and see how she did. We kicked the idea back and forth for a while and then decided that we should DEFINITELY take her on a road trip and see how we liked it.

The question then was where to go…I suggested Cades Cove in Tennessee. It was starting to get a little cooler, so I figured it might be pretty this time of year. A bit more debating and we decided we were going to leave the next day.

We packed our bags and loaded the car!

The first stop was the mechanic shop, just to have her looked over and make sure everything was good for a 1,000 mile+ adventure. They topped everything up and declared her fit and ready. We were actually doing this!

Coffee… can’t do a road trip without coffee. 😉

First we drove into Georgia:

And then we crossed over into Tennessee!

Hello, Tennessee! The SuperShevy’s are excited to see you. 🙂

Cades Cove was so, *so* beautiful. We could have easily spent several more hours (maybe even a couple more days!) exploring the area and taking it all in.

Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Church

One of the other churches…I can’t remember which one this one was, but it was really pretty on the inside!

Some of the other buildings that we got to see and walk through:

Kiss stealing…. 😉

Here is some video footage from the working waterwheel mill at Cades Cove:

Us in front of the waterwheel!

More mountain views… <3

Riding through Cades Cove….

At this point, we were so close to North Caroline that we decided to drive on over…why not, right? 😀

A sweet couple saw us trying to get our picture in front of this sign, and offered to take a picture for us. They did, and then asked us to take a picture of them in front of the sign, explaining that they were back celebrating their wedding anniversary. When they were there for their honeymoon, nobody was there to take a picture of them both, so that only had a picture of the wife in front of the sign. They were tickled to death about it and we were too- it was a very sweet moment. <3

Daniel grabbing a picture of the mountains…

Before too long, we were ready to come home. We tracked out our route and saw where we would be going through a Cherokee Indian reservation if we went back a particular way. It was a very interesting thing to see!

We also realized that we could go straight through South Carolina and add another state to our little mini-road trip roster, and so we did. 😀

We stopped for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel…couldn’t resist the opportunity to take another rings pic either. 😉

We slowly but surely made our way back to our little home in the valley, with a fresh adventure under our belt, and the plans for many new ones in mind for later. We had such a delightful time and can’t wait to see where the Lord leads us next!

Stay tuned for more about us getting settled into our house and a general sense of routine. It’s been so nice to get the blog here somewhat caught up. 🙂

Until next time,
Mrs. SuperShevy

The Day We Wed

September 8th of 2017 dawned bright and early. It was our wedding day, finally. 🙂

We had a few unexpected situations happen that morning- car issues, clothing issues- if you can name it, it probably happened! I am thankful that the Lord carried us through, and that all of the last minute details started falling right into place. 🙂

Thank *you* to all of our family members and sweet friends who pitched in and helped get everything set up and ready to go! My family and several close friends helped finish getting the food together, cleaned up the last couple of things inside, got the decorations finished outside, made sure the littles stayed seated until it was time, directed people down to the eating area, got the cake layers stacked up and that sucker decorated in record time- I will never fully be able to thank everyone as much as they deserve for the incredible feats that were accomplished to pull everything together. 🙂

2:00 arrived and with it, several of the helpers and the photographers. While I was finishing hair, makeup and such, they went ahead and started taking photos of the area, of my dress, and other pretty little details. 🙂


The wedding programs

The dress and the old goat shed

The dress hung up from the arbor

My bouquet, the boots Daniel sent me from Australia, and my engagement ring

My dress, the boots, and the bouquet, artfully arranged in front of the arbor
Once the photographers had finished taking photos of some of the ceremony elements, it was time for me to retrieve my dress back and finish getting ready.

My dear Mama handmade my veil. <3


Veil arranging

More veil arranging

Quiet reflection
After getting the veil arranged and ready, it was time to go ahead and knock out some of the photos that could be taken before the ceremony. I made my way to the back yard to get started….I never realized how heavy my dress actually was until then! 🙂


My girls and I….the photographers told them all to look at me, :p!!

That’s better. 😀

My Mama and I. <3

“Joyful Noise”and I- these girls were such troopers and had been practicing the music for our wedding for very nearly a year!!<3

Instruments close-up
Once some of those were knocked out, it was time to get the bridal portraits done. 🙂

It was nearly time for the ceremony to start, so the very last last-minute details were taken care of, and I went back up into the house to wait. At this point, I was fighting tears- there were so many emotions swirling in my heart. I was so thankful to finally be marrying this wonderful man whom I love more than I ever thought possible to love anyone- the one that God had chosen and made *so* very perfectly for us to compliment each other as we traverse the path of life together- better together than apart. <3 On the other hand, I was melancholy at the thought of leaving my family home; of not living day-in and day-out with those folks whom I had been with my entire life. I knew it would be an exciting change, but it was still bittersweet.

Folks were beginning to arrive….

And then it was 4:00, and time for the processional to start. 🙂


Videographers ready to go!

Grandaddy and our honorary Grandma, Ms. Ruth

Josh, Kylie, Gabriel and baby Derek

Meredith and Darby
Now, Jackson had a special mission to deliver a very special note…


On the way….

Some minor confusion on Daniel’s part because we didn’t rehearse this…he didn’t know it was coming! 🙂

But I think the note made him happy. 😀

The rest of the family coming down…

The guys getting the runner ready!

And waiting! 🙂
The next several photos are of my Daddy leading me down to the arbor. <3

Once I saw Daniel in the distance, the tears ceased to flow. I was walking towards the man of my dreams…my husband-to-be, and we would be getting married in just a few short minutes! No more days of a 10,000 mile separation….<3

And it was time to get started. My former employer and an elder at our church kindly did the opening portion of our ceremony. He and his wife have been very special to me over the past several years, and it made perfect sense that he open the ceremony. This worked out perfectly, as I wanted my dad to give me away and perform the marriage ceremony. 🙂


Please be seated

Let’s open with prayer

Who gives this woman?
And so, my Daddy proceeded to marry us. <3

And then we shared our very first kiss.

We were finally married!! God is so good.

Now it was time to go to the reception and take the remainder of the pictures that couldn’t be taken before the ceremony. 🙂


Mama, myself, Daniel, and Daddy

Grandaddy, myself, and Daniel

C and D and Ms Ruth!

The couples <3

The guys!

Family picture try #1

Family picture try #2

Family picture try #3

All the siblings!
Next, it was time to go and cut the cake. 🙂 As mentioned earlier, Mama and Jess did the cake, and it was so beautiful!

After cake, we slipped away with the photographers to do the couple pictures. <3

Now it was time for the send-off! I had spent hours making bubble wands to use for our reception. They turned out much better than I expected! 🙂

And we were off!


All in all, it was perfect. <3 All of the family was able to be there, the weather was absolutely perfect, the little decorative details made me smile each time I saw them, I was FINALLY marrying my very best friend….it was all so beautiful. I am so thankful for how the Lord made each thing fall into place. <3

My friend, Lydia, did a special highlights video of the wedding that you can watch here:


My friends, Sydney and Denalyn, did the photos which were so beautiful!! A big thank-you to them and anyone else I’ve forgotten to mention over the past few posts….we couldn’t have done it without y’all! <3

More about our “honeymoon” adventuring to come soon! 😀

~Mrs SuperShevy

Counting Down

Now that Daniel was officially in the country, our 90-day countdown had begun! We had a number of different things to take care of now that he was here, but before we got married.

One fun thing we got to experience together was attempting to view the solar eclipse. Daniel had sent me a special coffee calendar for my birthday last year, and one of the dates I had penciled in was watching the solar eclipse with him. At the rate the visa stuff was processing, we weren’t sure if that was a reality, but were absolutely giddy when we realized he would actually be here!

Solar eclipse day fun….<3

One of the first orders of business was to find somewhere to live. We had been praying that the Lord would open up the perfect door and we would know exactly where it was we were to go. We both wanted to stay in my home county, if possible, so that we could live close to my family and close to the church folks, and that we could stay close to my music students and just be able to continue to participate in the community in general. I posted in some of the local Facebook groups asking about the possibility of places to rent, and received an unexpected message from some friends of ours. They were letting us know about one of their houses they would be willing to rent to us, if we were interested. Daniel spoke with them the following Wednesday evening, and then we went and looked at it a little later that week. It was a perfect little house for our needs, and in the perfect place as well! We spent some time praying, thinking, and discussing it, then Daniel called to let them know we were very much interested in moving forward. After the rental agreement was drawn up and signed, we got our utilities hooked up, and we were given the keys to our first home.

Now that the house hunting was knocked out, it was on to other important projects. But, of course, in typical Lambert fashion, we took some time for goofines amongst all the planning and preparation….

Guess who everyone is!

And this was taken shortly after chicken wrangling with the 4H crew!

But, it was time to get back to business. We started looking at possible wedding dates that would fall before our 90 days were up. Between my dad’s schedule, my brother and sister-in-law’s vacation, and my younger brother’s participation in a national 4H competition, we realized we had two possible days available for a wedding. One was 13 days from when we started trying to pick a date, and the other was at the very end of our 90 day deadline, not leaving much time to file the next set of paperwork.

Could we pull together a wedding in time to try for the earlier date? It was time to find out! 🙂 Neither of us wanted a big wedding, nor a super-complicated one. My mama had also been very diligent to be working on different things that would be needed for some months in advance, so we already had a lot on hand that would be necessary. My dress had been found and altered last year, we had already gotten many of the flowers, a cake design was in mind, the layout for where things would go in the backyard had been decided, and I had my little music group practicing for many months in preparation for the wedding that would happen “at some point”. 🙂 There were, however, still a lot of logistical things that needed to be done, so it was time to get to it!

The wedding was to be in my family’s back yard. I wanted an arbor and enough seating back there for our guests to be able to sit during the ceremony. Some friends of ours at a local lumber company blessed me immensely with a deal we could not pass up for the wood elements. The stumps of the benches were from trees on our property, but all of the rest of the wood for the benches and the arbor were from the sweet folks at the lumber company.

My family, Daniel, and another sweet family who attends our church got the back yard all cleaned up and ready for the wedding. Grass was cut, weeds were trimmed, trees were cut down and cleared out, immense clearing was done in preparation for the ceremony and reception areas- it was amazing to see what many hands could accomplish! Here are a few snapshots from getting the area prepped and ready!

In the meantime, I found the most perfect wedding announcements online, and had them personalized and sent. They would arrive with just 5 days to spare until the wedding date! 😀

I also designed fans for our guests to use during the ceremony that had the lyrics for “Come Thou Fount” on the back, and spent a few hours fighting with the printer to get them printed. A wonderful lady at our church (an adopted grandmother for Daniel and I), and my friend, Lydia, worked on the finishing touches for the fans, tying the ribbons and getting them glued down and ready.

My mom and sister made the cake- they experimented with the recipe and were baking and tweaking and baking and tweaking for days…it was THE BEST wedding cake I have ever tasted, and I’m not even biased!! 😀

Daniel and I went and applied for/received Daniel’s social security number- we were both so thankful that the application process went so smoothly, and we weren’t given any issues whatsoever. I had read horror stories where the process doesn’t always go quite as smoothly, so I was VERY thankful! 🙂

We also went and applied for our marriage license. It was almost surreal- he was finally here and we were actually doing this and WE WERE GETTING MARRIED SOON!! 😀

License in hand!

It wasn’t too many more days after getting our marriage license that Daniel dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. <3 <3 <3 He then slipped the most beautiful and perfect engagement ring unto my finger- it was a surreal moment, and one that I will treasure for all of my days. Once again, it was getting very real....WE WERE GETTING MARRIED!! We also went ahead and announced our ring engagement at this time on Facebook.

We were nearing the end of the backyard preparation when it was time for the rehearsal dinner! 😀

Everything was so pretty. It was Mama’s idea to do grilled, loaded hamburgers fitting with the more country and laid-back theme of our wedding, and goodness… was so so so good!! I don’t have a whole lot of pictures because I was a little busy. 🙂 My daddy also put together a really sweet look-back video for Daniel and I with photos from childhood on up to then- when we were preparing to get married! We were both crying- it was so sweet. <3 The other funny thing that happened was as we were walking down to the ceremony site to practice the walk, it started pouring rain with lots of thunder! We simply proceeded to practice anyway… memories!! <3 Next up- our wedding day!