{early December}

So, in the early days of December, I turned 24. I had a delightful day. =] Delightful week, really.

My birthday was nice and quiet, with delicious chocolate cake. We also went to the first drive-through nativity we’ve ever attended, which was wonderful. 🙂 This is my converse waiting on our turn to drive through:

My mom and I continued our tradition of seeing the latest Hunger Games movie for my birthday. This year, we were armed with coupons that had been posted on the local theater’s Facebook page, so we were able to get popcorn and drinks as well. What we weren’t expecting was to get plastic Star Wars collector’s cups as the drink cups. It was so awesome!! Couponing for the world, haha!! 😀

It has been a fun tradition over the last 3 years. I’m hoping that there will be another interesting movie that comes out around my birthday, since we are finished with the Hunger Games movies now.

Later on in the week, it was time for Jacob’s company Christmas party, which was held a local bowling alley. It was wonderful to meet some of Jacob’s coworkers, and just have a great time bowling!

I also received the scores back for Lesson 1 of school…couldn’t be happier with it!

We also took the time to participate in Krispy Kreme’s “day of the dozen”….always a good plan. 😉

There were so many neat things that happened that week, and all through the last year, really. God is good to me, and so very merciful. I look forward to seeing what He does through this next year!

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