the authoress


Hi, friend! My name is Courtney Shevchenko. =] I’m a southern girl, saved by the Lord’s wondrous grace! I reside with my dear husband and our precious son in our little home in the valley, nestled in rural Heart of Dixie. =] We are infinitely blessed.

I am so blessed to be in love with my dearest friend….each day with him has been such a blessing, and watching the Lord swing open the doors we were to walk through has been incredible to experience. I love him, and he loves me.  <3 <3 <3 We are excited to see how God continues to lead us as we grow closer together on this walk of life…….

He points me back to our heavenly Father, and he brings a smile to my face and a song to my heart….<3 He’s absolutely perfect, and I am so blessed to be his girl. <3

We are the parents to one sweet baby who is in heaven with Jesus, and to our boy, Oliver Lewis (3 months old).

Oliver Lewis Shevchenko


I’m an INTJ- a little crazy, a lot a bit eccentric, and exactly the way the Lord wanted me to be.


I love music. I can feel it in me, and often have tunes running through my head or am whistling or singing tunes as I go throughout the day. I enjoy playing a variety of instruments with various levels of proficiency. Plucking, strumming and bowing away brings me great joy! My current musical menagerie consists of my fiddle (Ungar), my mandolin (Earl), my ukulele (still thinking of a name for it!), my accordion (Stella), my cello (Stanley), my guitar (The Dark Knight), and not pictured, my newest fiddle (Mason).


Singing, as the blog name implies, is one of my very favorite things. I enjoy singing a variety of things, from the glamourous 1940s style crooning to the more eclectic sound of She&Him, with many, many favorites in-between! One of my favorite singing endeavors has been participating in a local production of Handel’s “Messiah” for the last few years. I wasn’t expecting the way it would effect me spiritually and emotionally as we worked our way through the oratorio. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to work with such a wonderful group!

I am a certified self-employed piano technician and tuner. I have really enjoyed breathing life back into dilapidated old pianos and helping music pour from them once more. My piano tuning business has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few months, and I just continue to be in amazement of how the Lord directs our steps in the perfect direction that we need to go.

Continuing with the music theme, I’ve so enjoyed teaching music lessons over the last year or so. God has been so gracious to increase my territory and send me lots of new students, with varying levels of proficiency and all so unique and special! It has been a joy to ease into that “music teacher life”… there is nothing better than seeing the face of another light up with understanding and sharing the love of making melodies with others.

When I’m not working on trying to learn a new song or two on one of my instruments, I enjoy various artistic pursuits, whether it be painting, word art, or graphic design. Reading also is one of my favorite activities, especially if I’m outside!


I’ve very much enjoyed opening up my little handmades shop, Bella Handmades, and selling all kinds of jewelry and one-of-a-kind wood burned items! I hope to expand to selling original art prints on there as well in the near future. You can follow my instagram  to see all of the latest creations. 🙂

Delving into the world of wanna-be-hipster has also been oh-so-fun….I am in the process of editing and preparing several different graphics that are on their way to the Hipster Bibb graphic artistry shop…. if you want to make my day, purchase a mug or t-shirt!! 😀

I’m an adventurer at heart. I love being just adventurous enough to feel brave, but not daring enough to feel scared. I also somewhat enjoy spontaneity, provided I have a bit of a head’s up first! =D Road trips are awesome. I’m looking forward to many new adventures over the coming months. I am loving that I married someone who loves adventuring just as much as I do! Since being married, we have went all over the United States, and look forward to continuing to travel as much as regular life allows! 😀

adventuringWhen you first meet me, I’ll most-likely be very quiet….until you get to know me, that is. My close friends and family probably wish I would stop talking sometimes! Consider yourself honored if you’ve made it into my inner circle. Very few people are allowed to enter, and I count you amongst those closest to me if you’re “in” and I confide in you. =] (Yes, extreme introvert here. 🙂 )

I love thrift stores. There’s something thrilling about finding treasure amongst troves of weird and interesting knick-knacky things. You’re never sure what you will find! Ah, the thrill of the hunt.

I love words and light. Capturing life’s sacred moments through photographs and the written word is an absolutely delightful pastime for me. Shooting sports and throwing knives are awesome. ‘Nuff said.  =] Cream soda is my favorite soft drink, and I practically live in my cowboy boots and high-top Converse. Vinyl records for the world, and, oh, coffee? It makes everything wonderful.


If you want the “inside scoop”, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or you can add me as a friend on Facebook. =]

May the Lord bless you richly, my friend.

~Mrs Courtney aka Mrs. SuperShevy! 🙂