{changing seasons}

And so, the season is changing once more here at the Lambert Estate.

The trees are shedding their old leaves in preparation for the new life that will come in the spring.

It’s beautiful, really, to see in the trees a reflection of our own lives. When we come to know Christ, we shed our old, dead bodies and become new in Him. It’s wonderful and awe-inspiring to see a picture of that in the wondrous world He created. And it’s simply lovely.

The leaves swirl and twirl and gently cascade to the ground, giving a subtle “whoosh” as they settle in place before turning all crunchy and crackly.

It’s my favorite time of the year, and becomes even moreso my *absolute* favorite with each year that passes.

It’s a gentle reminder that the Lord holds all in His hand, and there’s not even one thing that happens outside of His will. He set all events up before they were yet to be had, and planned every fiber of our beings before we even were. It’s truly awe-inspiring.

I’ve been blessed so much over this past week. The Lord has shown His hand at work in my own life in ways that I would have never dreamed. I’m so thankful for a little glance at a new thread in the greater tapestry He’s weaving in my life, and in the lives of those around me. He is faithful to keep His promises.

I’m excited about this new season. I was sharing some details about a few upcoming projects with a couple of friends of mine, and the sheer joy I felt when I was sharing about one particular endeavor surprised even myself. God is so good, all the time. <3

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