Oh, you know. Just living the adventurous life, one day at a time. The Lord is faithful and so very good to me. He has brought some of the coolest adventures and fun happenings over the past several weeks!

I finally, *finally* camped outside on our own property. Jacob and I put some sleeping bags on the lounge chairs on our back porch, and stayed out this past Saturday evening. I learned pretty quickly that the sleeping bag I was using wasn’t really rated for cooler temps, so I’ll have to work on that soon. I’m glad for thick sweatshirts and warm socks! I’m planning on camping out much more often, especially now that I’ve done it once, and am planning to try hammock camping as soon as mine gets here. =]

Friday evening, I was blessed to get to go and help out at the wedding of a friend of mine. After the ceremony and reception, there was a dance, so it was such fun to do that again! It’s been months and months. Here’s a photo of the dancing that I stole off of another friend’s instagram…can you spot me? =]

Oh…my parents, two of my brothers and I also snuck off to go and see the new “Jurassic World” movie, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Of course, if you know me, you know that my favorite part of the theater experience is getting a Vanilla Sprite or Vanilla root beer out of the Coca-Cola freestyle machine. Just keeping it real, folks.

We had bacon!

I guess that wasn’t really interesting. Oops.

I’ve been continuing to squeeze in practice on some of my instruments around preparations being made for our open house. I love to catch little glimpses of the practice time through the lens of my camera. Here are a few from the past week or so:

And of course, I couldn’t close this post without saying just how excited I am that autumn is here. It’s really here, y’all.

It’s time for warm soups.

It’s time for leaves to cover the back porch, no matter how many times we sweep it.

It’s time to feel the leaves crunching under your shoes while walking around the yard.

It’s time for the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets of the whole year.

Iffen I were to guess, I’d guess you’re going to be hearing a lot more about autumn over the coming weeks from me, my dear friends. Until later then, ok? =]

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